“I am pouring rain on her, she’s torching in flame, she got that fire on her side her booty are super thick making a menace want to chill, Start it with an ounce of that dope moving pools, holding 8 balls paddle the block without a boat.”

As we pay some more and more attention to this verse, contained on his acclaimed EP CETUS STARS, the more we understand that the world of the emerging indie rapper Yaway Martian is surrounded and completely inspired by women.
Who is Yaway Martian?

There is a full mixed of feelings like anger, love, passion and magic on every song of this amazing new artists, which is exploding on the American hip hop indie scene since 2011.

Cetus Stars was the name of his first mixtape, and since its release, the career of this guy is nothing but a whole ascending race. Which more than 12 albums, and a fantastic new EP called Immortal: Mountain Tops, the music world of Yaway is a full mix of different styles like hip hop, soul and R&B, and one of the most notable things is the fact that every song of him seems to be inspired by colorful or dark experiences with women, which are stated a lot of times like witches.

And there is no doubt that Yaway Martian is not another uninspired trendy hip hop artist from the new century. His lyrics make clear the fact that he is a real musician, capable of doing so many different things on the inside of one hip hop song, at the same time.

The more we look for his lyrics, the more we understand them as inspired poems with a lot of creativity. It makes us curious. What happen with this woman? What happened with this another one? Maybe every lyric is opened for different interpretations, but the thing is simple: they are not an empty sack of nothing. They are completely interesting.

There´s also a lot of improvement between every work of Yaway, which makes us think on it as different chapters from the same book. This is kind of a book that, at this point, seems to have no end. This is a rising story.

Or maybe he is a real Martian, isn´t he?
As we have stated before, there is a little bit of everything for everyone included on his last EP, an awesome work which combines some of the most aggressive lyric ever heard, women inspired tunes and a lot of artistic instinct.

From now on, We have no doubt that Yaway Martian is supposed to be the one of the most important artists on the hip hop indie scene, at least A scene which keeps looking to be healthier and stronger than ever, after his more than 12 independent releases, one after another, one complementing the other one.
Looks like Martians are coming down to earth, with the most interesting beats heard lately. And Yaway is piloting their ship.

Yaway Martian music is currently available worldwide through iTunes.