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Xiaomi 6 Mi6

The Xiaomi 6 Mi6 manages to take a position out with its style. While it doesn’t wander too far from past Xiaomi cellular phones, we still compliment the company for trying to be exclusive. The Xiaomi 6 Mi6 edition in this evaluation is also the clay edition that ensures it is quite a bit bulkier than the common cup style. Also, the clay style comes with the biggest configurations of requirements (more on that later).

The clay stands out magnificently and comes with small silver accessories – 18K silver accessories, to be actual. Yes, Xiaomi seems to extra no cost when it comes to the components of this cellphone, but it almost allows you to wonder how the list price could be so low. Nevertheless, it seems extremely top quality and important, but can slide around in the hand a little too much. However, there is a case involved which enables a bit with the managing.


Despite being a leading system, the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 does drop behind those a bit with its 1080p screen. This LCD isn’t bad in any respect, though Quad HD is very much an ordinary this year in high-end Android Phones. However , Xiaomi has done a great job at making the LCD panel extremely shiny in sunlight, and also remarkably black when the slider is looked to zero. This level of night is something we’d normally anticipate from AMOLED screens, but somehow Xiaomi was able to succeed with the Xiaomi 6 Mi6’s LCD panel.

Performance and hardware

You’ll also discover technology requirements inside the Xiaomi 6 Mi6. Aside from the Universe S8 and HTC U11, the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 is one of the first Android Phones to game the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processer. It also comes with either 4 or 6 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of on-board storage space. As I referred to previously, the clay edition is regarded the most top quality of the collection, as it comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space.


The Xiaomi 6 Mi6 with its own customized edition of Android Phones, MIUI 8, on top of Android 7. 1 . 1 Nougat. And if you’re at all acquainted with Xiaomi Android Phones, you probably already know that MIUI doesn’t come with an app cabinet, which means you’ll need to depend on files to help arrange your homepages. This is par for the course for many other China ROMs, but customers in the Western might have difficulties getting used to it.


If you have been following the pattern of this evaluation, you may observe that the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 seems to take a lot of the best functions from past Android Phones and places them into one finish program. That’s definitely true for you, which is a double lens system that provides a 2x visual zoom capability aside the very first broader position. Zoom can be quite important to shutterbugs and Xiaomi has done well to provide one for image taking in particular. Zoom abilities are unfortunately not available for video clips, which is a rather important disadvantage.