Tips To Choose The Perfect Diamond Ring For That Special Day

If you had ever seen someone wear a 2 carat diamond ring, you will know why it is often called a “statement diamond”. Besides a remarkable size that will turn heads, a two carat diamond ring also portrays a level of elitism to the person wearing it.

Recently, a couple of readers wrote in for help after encountering problems and frustration in their shopping experience with local jewellers. Speaking from experience, we know how things can get overwhelming when faced with such a huge purchase.

This is especially true if you don’t have any information to use as a guide or if you receive wrong advice from the wrong people. And that’s the reason I’m making this post today.

we want address some common questions people have and offer insights to buying 2 carat diamonds the smart way. Hopefully, this write up will steer you away from costly mistakes and help you make the purchase of a lifetime.

General Guidelines For Buying 2 carat engagement ring
1) Go online – The rationale is simple. Two carat sized diamonds are pretty rare and most local stores don’t have them in stock. Even if they do, you will be severely limited by the choices available.

2) Stick with a minimum of VS2 clarity – While most smaller sized SI1 and SI2 diamonds are eyeclean, the same isn’t true when it comes to bigger sized diamonds. Here’s the bottomline; if you don’t want to see black, ugly inclusions with your naked eye, stick with VS clarity or better.

si1 two carat emerald cut diamond
si2 two carat round cut gia excellent

It is customary throughout the world for married couples to wear wedding rings as symbolic with their love for every single other. Below are our top ten tips how – so when to find the wedding rings you’ll love and wear permanently.

When setting your overall wedding budget, be certain to include marriage rings. Since you’ll be putting on your marriage rings forever, it might be nice to invest a little bit more than you would in comparison to your regular jewellery.

Shop as one or two
During your wedding ceremony planning some decisions might not exactly be achieved as a couple of, but choosing your marriage rings should be. Dedicate a weekend or two to searching for your marriage rings and try to visit more than one jeweller so that you see different styles and variety prior to making your final decision. You might not exactly choose to wear a corresponding pair of marriage rings, which is absolutely fine. It really is traditional for the bride-to-be to buy her groom’s wedding band and vice versa, so make your wedding band shopping trip as fun as it can be.

Choose from Home
Some companies would prefer to bring their collection of marriage rings to your house. If you like this option of shopping then choose a night out and a period that best suits you both as one or two. This is a great option if you don’t like shopping on the traditional, and you’ll get the un-divided and un-interrupted attention of the individual showing you different designs.

Consider Size and shape
Wedding rings come in a number of different shapes and sizes. For the bridegroom, different metals and styles may be considered a factor, as well as for the bride, careful consideration must be take, particularly if you offer an uncommonly formed engagement ring. When the groom is not used to putting on a wedding ring or hasn’t worn a engagement ring in the past then it might be a good idea to truly have a wax mould created to wear for a couple weeks. This gives the bridegroom a concept of what molded wedding ring he likes and exactly how comfortable the wedding ring feels. Bespoke jewellers can help, guide and guide on what metals and styles will be the best as it pertains to your marriage rings. You might consider visiting a bespoke wedding band jeweller if you plan on melting a vintage wedding band or turning a family group heirloom into something special on your own wedding.

Choose the best Metal
Years ago marriage rings were mainly purchased in a classic gold style, but now a times marriage rings can be designed in several different materials. For the bride-to-be it’s common to choose a metallic to fit your engagement ring as it’ll look lovely in photos and for the groom, something stylish and sturdy is actually a good option. Materials options for marriage rings include yellow metal, white platinum, rose platinum, gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and zirconium to mention a few. Prices will change depending on the style and weight of steel you select so think about this when speaking about your original budget.

Comfort is Key
Your jeweller will have a special wedding ring size guide so as to measure precisely what size your marriage rings will need to be ordered in. How big is your finger may change over the years, but your wedding ring re-sized is often an option in the foreseeable future.

Look for Your Bands Early
Some wedding rings need to be ordered or made bespoke. Plan to shop for your wedding rings around six months before your big day, simply to ensure you have sufficient time before your wedding.

You’ll be wearing your wedding rings forever so be certain to love what you buy! If you have any hesitation then consider doing your research before making your final decision on your purchase.

Don’t Forget Wedding Insurance
Before you spend any money on your wedding, together with your marriage rings, consider purchasing wedding insurance – in the event something goes wrong. However, once you’re wedded, it is highly recommended to include the bride’s proposal wedding rings, and both marriage rings on your home hold insurance, just to protect you in case they get taken or go absent in the foreseeable future.

Don’t Forget Your Jewelry on your day
If the very best Man is likely to be responsible for caring for your marriage rings on the day of the wedding then make sure he is alert to his role and responsibility. If you’re having a full page boy take your wedding rings down the aisle on the ring pillow then be certain to leave someone in control, as you’ll be active getting ready for your big point in time.