Peter Papageorgiou-WebSeriesOnFire

Peter Papageorgiou, has above twenty years of experience in the entertaining business. He brings an extensive wealth of worth to any scheme he works on. He has functioned as an Actor, Director plus Writer as well as now Producer, which allows him to have an understanding concerning all faces of the trade. Initially from Queens, NY he is drained to real life skills plus characters that create up the outline for a thrilling projects otherwise projects in television, Film plus commercial. Peter has written plus shaped such shorts movie as “Big Man on Mulberry Street” which premiered on the Vortex Auditorium into New York. “Toothpicks” a British humor which has played in numerous film anniversaries in Los Angele CA. Amongst his numerous projects, he has developed plus written a scripted television pilot named “Late Bloomers” that is presently being slanted in Hollywood plus Harry Werksman who has shaped plus wrote for such television hits for example Castle, Grey Anatomy plus Ugly Betty is fascinated in his comedy pilot as far as creating and writing for it. Additional projects in growth are Sexton Heights to a New York comedy named “Pumping Up”.

His latest project launched 4/17/17. It is a podcast that Peter hosts and produces. Peter interviews creators of web series. He has interviewed over 25 people so far and the waiting list is growing.
It is the only podcast of it’s kind. Web series are hot right now. They are getting television deals.
The show is available on itunes,,, Player FM and tunein radio.