Hubsan X4 Quadcopter 2017 Review

hubsan x4 quadcopter

Hubsan X4 quadcopter has already confirmed extremely well-known with enthusiasts. The previously-released H107C style also has a digital camera, although it does not offer an active nourish. Instead, customers have to look at the documented video after the truth.

The Hubsan X4 quadcopter is a tremendous small brochure that has outstanding speed, and ability to move. This drone is great for starters to understand how to lead a drone before improving FPV quadcopters. This is little enough to fly in the house, and works very well outside in relaxed circumstances. This is a really fun drone to fly, and you will have a lot fun getting it for a rotate. Browse the complete Rtf drone review to better view the options of this awesome little quadcopter.


The operator is relaxed to support and suits well in the side. It almost has the experience of a game playing system operator. The transmission device offers up and straight down cut for all axes, as well as gas improvements. The LCD screen allows you to improve the configurations and improve the travel method. You can reduce, or enhance the efficiency from the jingle from the operator. This really is a bit awesome because you wouldn’t normally discover this for an inexpensive drone like the Rtf Drone. You will need four AAA battery power to get this user.


  • Affordable and spares available
  • Endures difficult crashes
  • Small, simple to fly
  • Very agile


  • Difficult to comprehend professional mode
  • Brief travel times
  • Charging wire is a bit sloppy
  • Control variety a bit short

Hubsan X4 quadcopter rtf drone Review Summary

Battery and Flight Period

The electric battery power is charged with the involved USB battery-charger. The red mild shows asking for, and adjustments away when you will certainly need to go. There is absolutely no on / off stimulate the jingle, so because soon as you connect battery power in, it really is prepared to fly. This requires around 30 occasions to price the electric battery. When electric batteries is getting low, all of the LED lights begin blinking therefore you know to carry the jingle house for replenish. You will definitely get about 5 occasions of travel time, therefore you might want to pick-up a few additional electric batteries.

Trip Performance

The speed and reaction of this drone, considering its cost, is very awesome. The drone is quick, nimble, and there is no wait. There are two travel ways designed into this little drone. The low method is not extreme fun, and allows you fly normally. The professional method allows you to do some acrobatic flicks by forcing the keep manages. In this method you will see just how nimble this little drone is. It becomes manifest pretty quickly, and will take some exercise to management the drone in this method. You observe that the hands do bend, and click misplaced if you force a bit too much. This little style of Rtf drone provides for sturdiness to accidents. You will most certainly accident the drone a rare occasions.

The Hubsan X4 quadcopter is an outstanding option for a small quadcopter. It goes extremely smooth, and is very delicate. For the low price, this little quadcopter is definitely unparelled.