How to Plan For a Rustic Wedding

The idea of having a wedding with a countryside theme or themes that are natural require special attention. Rustic wedding ideas are easy to plan but difficult to execute because of certain factors. On top of that, there are the usual factors like budget, decoration and preparing a guest list. Nevertheless, it is not rocket science and so you should not worry about it. Here are a few tips to make it easy for you.

Location is the Prime Factor

A rustic wedding needs to be planned at natural locations like the outdoors or large lawns if you have the luxury to access them. Mostly the outdoor locations live up to the charm of such weddings. Hence, shortlist the outdoor venues that you can book for the wedding day.

Right Season

From the location aspect, you might have already accumulated that the need of understanding the season plays a vital role. You do not want your wedding location to be under scorching heat or tremendous downpour, right? Plan ahead of time for this or take measures accordingly.

Timing is the Key

The wedding should be planned in the daytime to make the most of it. A late lunch programme followed by the wedding would suit most of the guests. Rustic weddings are mostly about the feeling of a natural location and artificial lighting would spoil the theme.


The decoration is one of the most important parts of any wedding. Though, rustic weddings have some limitations when it comes to decorations. You are supposed to leave the location mostly natural. If you have managed to get a lawn as your location, you can contrast the theme with flowers but in limited quantity. You can also add DIY decoration items in small numbers to keep it as natural as possible. It is also suggested that you go for basic centrepieces that do not appear fancy at all. A lot of people make mistakes of having a fancy sprinkler or an ice statue in the middle of the location, which you are not supposed to do.

Rock Some Country Tracks

Leave this job to an audiophile who would pick the right tracks for you, if you are not so good at it yourself. Rustic weddings are amazing with country music being played in soft volumes.

Cutlery and Furniture

A balance between classic and fancy needs to be there while choosing the cutlery for the guests. The furniture can have creepers attached to them with a wood finish and retro square tables for the guests. If you are unable to find some, you can always choose to blend the available furniture with your theme.

Dress Code

Lastly, put the best effect on the rustic wedding by inviting your guests with a country-themed dress code. It would be great to leave the colours optional to make your wedding event look colourful with happy people around you.

You can also add more to this list if you plan ahead of time. Even subtle changes to your pre-planned theme can bring great changes to your rustic wedding theme.

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