Curse & Kisses brand review

Music could be numerous things to several different persons. For a performer that could be even truer. While an artist actually drives himself in to his music as well as the régime he converts a man fanatical with revealing his music toward the masses. One such individual is the gentleman behind Curse and Kisses Brand.

The driving power behindhand Curse & Kisses is the power house that is Rudy. He is the band’s chief producer, vocalist, song writer, in addition to as of now, merely authorized member. As said by him he will have it no additional way. The Orlando, Florida founded act offers a hard rocking mixture of styles that creates Curse & Kisses fairly exclusive. By way of Rudy calls this “orgasmic rock – rock melody that provides you great desire.” He works tremendously hard while out of the workspace as well, making certain his music is obtainable all over the place and he has an existence on each social media site he could find. This is a guy unwavering in his wish to have persons hear his melody.

Curse & Kisses brand has lately released a self-titled 4 tune EP. Apiece song displays off a diverse sideways of the artist. The starter “Blue Eyes” is a sugary, likely ballad, through loving words above a building melodic track that goes from smooth toward an all-out spasm on the auditors ears. There is several exciting high-pitched metallic guitar work here also. The metal so far rhythmic “Stone Cold Freak” is a potent song through influences all above the map. There is ancient school metallic vocal styling of Alice Cooper, guitar solo evocative of Metallica through a lively bass line that retains the track new. On “Zombie” Rudy displays off his vocal variety by mingling Lenny Kravitz plus Rob Zombie in to one wild presentation. This album is an excessive beginning plus demonstration of whatever is possible through one man by a mission. We look onward to whatever comes next.

Curse and Kisses Brand designated his sound as being Orgasmic Rock as well as it just actually stuck.
It stuck toward the opinion of actually becoming a new known genre of melody. Orgasmic rock type provides “Lies” toward all that want toward actually experience a sound that they would never forget. While you want toward hear a sound that would take you to a completely diverse level than you want towards take a profound breath place on your head phones as well as listen toward Warrior and Lies.
From the first harmony you will simply understand whatever orgasmic rock sounds similar. It is a sound that makes feelings from profound inside. A sound that you could easily relate to.

The lyrics are all around what’s actual in life. The lyrics attract you into a high like you could not get any other means.
This is a matured sound that is ground shaking as well as that would rock you toward the core of who you are. Orgasmic shake is an entire new level of rock plus roll that creates you want to beat around. You are continually wanting more while the tune is over.