Integrated amplifiers are a favourite category of package for me. For most audiophiles, it is simply not practical to discover a home for an enormous ability amplifier along-side a pricey pre-amp and then outlay a lot of money on the essential cables to string the machine together. The procedure is either a space or a budget buster and let’s not talk about the ‘WAF’. Not surprisingly, integrated amps get a bad rap in a few audio tracks circles. No ‘true’ audiophile could declare that subject and bargain with ‘just’ a built-in. Alternatively, the discerning audiophile is one able to up his snobby brethren, buy a built-in, and release more cash to invest on other equipment or, gasp, more music.

That doesn’t apply with Boulder audio integrated amplifier. Not merely is this stunning example of music bliss a, this is a venerable one too. First achieving the market completely back 2008, and they have continued to be unchanged since its release. Our justification for going to the amp is the brand has only just lately went back to UK shores. In addition, it shows how much things have improved in the audio world: when it was first available, the 865 was at the very top of the category price-wise, but is currently eclipsed by many bigger prices. The 865’s longevity comes as a stimulating change in these changing times, where products seem to be to obtain ever-shorter shelf lives. Finding products that stands the test of time proudly and without bargain is a rarity and the one which is greatly appreciated.

The 865 advantages from both tech and culture from of America’s esteemed manufacturers of ‘bespoke-class’ gear. Boulder Amplifiers was founded in 1984 with a design team steeped in pro audio. Almost all their gear is in-house designed and made by hand by their own personnel in Boulder, Colorado. Aspects of the 865 are located on other Boulder components costing 15 times the price tag on the 865!

It’s not how you remembered them — a little more washed out and a greenish tint to everything. Our eyes have a remarkable ability to adjust to the different lighting, but our televisions don’t.

It may come as a surprise that your TV is not set up to perform its best in your home when you unbox it. TVs are set by the factory to look their best in bright showrooms and to outshine the competition. Take that same TV and put it in a dark room in your home and the picture will look nothing like it should.

When you’re watching a movie shot at night or in the rain, do you have a hard time seeing the detail in shadows or a dark part of the picture? Most TVs have this problem, which is due to misadjusted black levels. Set it too high and picture details are lost. Set it too low and the picture looks washed out. But set it just right and it’s like being at the movies.

The good news is that the performance of any TV can be significantly improved by a ListenUp calibration. Utilizing sophisticated test equipment, our technicians access the TV’s service menu to carefully adjust and calibrate each parameter of picture quality.

The 865 is housed in a 25.5kg circumstance of brushed aluminium sculpted in a attractive and timeless commercial design. The 865 brings 150 Watts at eight Ohms and 300 Watts into four Ohms, so that it is suitable for most any presenter you might consider using. The optically linked amount control knob is nearly flush with the case and spins without resistance. Treatment must be studied never to spin it too vigourously as the quantity will crank up easily throughout its 2 hundred step attenuation range. Eight keys grace the front; Power, Mute, Balance, Screen, and inputs one through four. The two layer LCD -panel is clear and easily readable over the room and its brightness is adjustable. The rear panel features 6.35mm speaker binding posts (Spade connectors are highly recommended), four pairs of 3-pin XLR healthy inputs; a set of well balanced outputs for bi-amping, adding a subwoofer, or pre-amp only features; and a Professional/Slave turn to use with Boulderlink to connect to yet another vitality amplifier. A handsome aluminium IR distant works perfectly.For more than twenty-five years Boulder has been building some of the world’s finest quality audio components in Boulder, Colorado. All Boulder products are made for the reproduction of music exactly as it was performed and recorded. Boulder gadgets are transparent, accurate, fast, tough and reliable, with reduced distortion and noises, and zero coloration or “audio” of their own.